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For more than 10 years, Internet Explorer (IE) is still ruling the web browser market and it is posible that it will continue doing it for years to come. This is why we, the Presentation Layers Developers, have to aim to take it into account and give the IE’s users the best presentation user experience, specially when our project or product is not limited to a specific market such us iOS (iPad, iPod, or iPhone), Windows Mobile, or Android.

During my 12 years of web development, I have been collecting a bunch of tools and tips as a source of knowledge. This information covers topics such as information to be have in mind until configuration tips. Here you have this information.

Internet Explorer Quirks Mode

The IE modes are the key to understand IE’s behaviours across its versions.

Martian Headsets by Joel Spolky
Description: A well explain description about how Internet Explorer renders HTML and the origin of Quirks Mode.

IEBlog: How IE8 Determines Document Mode
Description: From their creators the Document Mode determination explanation and how to set headers to force a document mode.

Setting Up Internet Explorer for Javascript Debugging

First thing I do everytime I set up my development environment is release / set Internet Explorer (from version 8 and up) the console which is a very good option to the lack of a component / extension like Firebug in IE.

This are the steps to do it:

1. Go to Tools > Internet Options > Advance (tab)
2. Uncheck “Disabling script debbuging (Internet Explorer)”
3. Apply and accept changes.

Internet Explorer 8 - Tools - Options - Advance Tab

Now you’ll have full Javascript support on IE, just press F12 and the console will appear.

For old Internet Explorer versions (7 and bellow) you can debug using Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar by Microsoft. Plus, for years I had bookmarked a very interesting article about JS debbuging in IE: Debugging AJAX Applications on Internet Explorer

To be continue…

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yeah it was very useful to the developers….thank you….

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